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FinReg Roundup

Justice Thomas Questioned the Constitutionality of Administrative Enforcement Adjudications, Possibly Presaging Review of Jarkesy

So Which Is It: Too Much, Just Enough Or Not Enough Bank Capital?

Historical Perspectives On the Size of Recent Bank Failures

Confusion and Uncertainty about the Section 12(a)(2) Claim at Slack Oral Argument

FinReg Roundup

The New DAO Model: Legal Protections for Unincorporated For-Profit Associations

Total Loss-Absorbing Capacity: More Leverage Is No Solution

An Annotated Bibliography of Select Mercatus Research on Financial Regulation

The Supreme Court Should Review Jarkesy

More questions (and document requests) for regulators in the wake of SVB and Signature

FinReg Roundup

Operation Choke Point 2.0, Monopolistic Favoritism, or the Velocity of Money?

Some Suggestions on How to Make the Banking System More Strong, Competitive, and Abuse-Resistant

The Ever-Evolving Policy Framework: What’s Next?

Some reasons to not raise the FDIC insurance cap, at least not yet.

On SVB’s Failure and Other Bank Distress: What’s Going On?

Bank Leverage, Regulatory Capital, and the Illusion of Safety

SVB: The Blame Game Begins

SVB: So Many Reasons To Fail

Tom Hoenig discusses SVB on CNBC

Welcome to the new home of FinRegRag (We are still moving in.)

How the Court might put the CFPB on Appropriations Without Blowing Up the Economy

February FinReg Roundup

The Economic Outlook: Four Questions to Consider

January FinReg Roundup

UPDATE: Wells Fargo disputes that decision was industry driven — Wells Fargo, Firearms, and Florida…